Game Over (2019)
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Taapsee Pannu
Ashwin Saravanan
Ron Ethan Yohaan
Ashwin Saravanan, Kaavya Ramkumar
S. Shashikanth
Swapna, a game designer, has post-traumatic stress disorder and a chronic fear of the dark. Her life turns upside down after a serial killer enters her house and creates havoc.
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Game Over (2019)
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Thriller backed up by ingenious screenplay
Ram , 1 years ago
Game over is a thriller. Its the story of a girl who fights with a serial killer, while fighting against her own monsters inside.

My first applause goes to the director who had done a wonderful job in terms of plot selection, screenplay and narration. The photography is equally good. There is no scene in Game Over which is boring or irrelavent. As I read somewhere, the director had choosen a minimalistic way of storytelling, which means, what you see on the screen is boiled down to bare necessities.

Tapsee pannu, who plays the character of a game designer, works from home. She is already burdened by her dark past and is diagnosed with PTSD. While she constantly runs away from her own inner monsters, a day comes, when she had to face them. Did she succeed?

There are many video game references in the movie. Fascinatingly, all of them fall into place as the story unfolds, and fits perfectly. One of my favorite quote from the movie -

"We all have two lives. The second one starts when we realize that we have only one. Fight like girl."

With breathtaking twists at every corner, and with a fast paced narration, Game Over keeps you hooked to your seat. Definetly a must watch.
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